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CafeK at Kunstwerk

Every beginning is based on an idea. From a very early stage, Master Confectioner Tamara Kittel has taken innovative and above all artistically imaginative approaches in terms of sweets. In CafeK, she serves top quality creations, for which she takes her inspiration from upmarket patisserie and gelaterie in the big wide world. The Master Confectioner lovingly prepares her works in fruit, chocolate, biscuit & co. afresh every day using traditional methods and only high quality ingredients – her own personal promise to the discerning clientele.

Opening Hours CafeK

From Wednesday to Friday 12 pm - 6 pm and Sunday 1 pm - 6 pm.
For reservations please call 07042-77 01 065.


Siemensstr. 38
71735 Eberdingen-Nussdorf
Phone 07042-770-1065