HÄNGUNG #15 über die Linie hinaus
19th June - 23rd December 2016

In sports, the pitch is defined by a line. In social life, as guidelines, conventions set the framework of our actions. Crossing the line (over the line beyond) means passing limits and either entering the impermissible or unfamiliar or breaking new ground. Pictures by Markus Oehlen have provided the stimulus for the topic of Hängung #15, expanding the classic field of painting by means of graphical elements. From here, the road led to working with lines and linear structures that cannot be attributed to drawing in the narrower sense. In paper-cuts by Katharina Hinsberg, paintings by Enrico Bach, pictorial objects by Manuel Knapp, and wall and space installations by Anna Ingerfurth and Christl Mudrak, line goes beyond being bound to the surface and becomes part of space-containing work concepts. The drawn notations of Jorinde Voigt offer open spaces of thought.