In our exhibition archive, we offer you an overview of past exhibitions – from Hängung #1 in October 2007 through to today. The brochures for the individual hangings can be obtained directly at KUNSTWERK.


Experience a virtual tour of the past hangings at KUNSTWERK.

Hängung #16

The KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Klein celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2017. The dual exhibition in Eberdingen-Nussdorf with works by Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko represents a high point in the anniversary year. It accentuates a significant collection highlight of recent years and at the same time underlines the personal connection of the collector and artist couples.

Hängung #15

In sport, the playing field is defined by the line. In social life, conventions provide the framework for our actions as guidelines. Going beyond the line means crossing boundaries and entering unauthorized, but also unusual or new terrain.

Hängung #14

Spots. Stripes. Bands. And circles time after time, showing various centres in the image overall. Organic areas and lines, but also graphic patterns, set in contrasts of strong colours or in harmonious colour tones. Initially, we can describe the painting of the Australian Aborigines only in abstract terms. Yet their art is not without objective. It is a testament to an ancient culture, which has developed visual ciphers for interpretation of the real world.

Hängung #13

The themes of the exhibitions at KUNSTWERK are developed starting from a piece or a group of pieces from the collection of Alison and Peter W. Klein. In the thirteenth exhibition at KUNSTWERK, the title “One Moment – Forever” is inspired by the painting “Green Pale Light” by Irish-American artist Sean Scully. His piece therefore also sets the path for the selection of the other exhibits.

Hängung #12

There are daydreams, pipe dreams, night-time dreams, bad dreams… Whatever they are about, they involve things, events – consciously or unconsciously – being combined in thoughts, which do not or do not yet exist in reality in this form. They are disconnected from reality, from what is real at present, and – when it comes to night-time dreams – fairly enigmatic. If we remember a dream then we often ask ourselves what we have dreamt up; we look for the “where” and the “why”, questioning the sense of the seemingly nonsensical, as the dream often seems confused when it is retold. We look for meaning, generally without finding an explanation.

Hängung #11

Hängung #11: Konstruktives Widersprechen (Constructive Contradiction). The title of the eleventh exhibition at KUNSTWERK will be irritating on initial reading or hearing. What is hidden behind the title?

Hängung #10

Different aspects of “Arrival” are presented to you on four stories in KUNSTWERK.

Hängung #9

The curator of the Klein collection presents a personal look back in her farewell show. She has selected from the now 1660 exhibits in the collection. Hängung #9 features works from the beginnings through to the latest acquisitions. Behind each work that has made its way into the collection lie personal encounters of the curator with artists and gallery owners, studio and art fair visits and constant communication with Alison and Peter W. Klein.

Hängung #8

Surface: die Posie des Materials displays the work of Korean artist Chun Kwang Young in Germany for the first time. Chun, whose artistic roots lie in abstract painting, critically tackles the expectations of traditional western painting.

Hängung #7

This exhibition in Kunstwerk shows world class Australian photographic art next to works of star Aboriginal artists to present an overview of the Australian art scene today. Contemporary Aboriginal art is one of the focal points of Alison and Peter W. Klein’s art collection. The acrylic dot paintings of different regions seem very modern due to their abstract and reduced use of forms, but are based primarily on myths of “Dream Time”, stories of creation passed down orally through the generations.