Alison and Peter W. Klein were encouraged in the 1980’s by architect Folker Rockel to acquire art for the newly renovated office building – and they haven’t stopped. After 30 years of intense collecting, the internationally-centered collection comprises approximately 2300 works of art. The couple decides together which works are to be included in their collection. 


They depend solely on their intuition and taste in art. “We buy only what we like. The most important factor is that a piece of art touches us. We do not allow great names or trends in the art scene influence us”, explain the collectors. In this way a unique art collection has been brought together and stands out in its variety of art.The collectors’ interests are mainly paintings, works on paper and photography with emphasis on figural representations. There is as well a special niche of mostly large and colorful works of contemporary Aboriginal Art. On their annual trips to Australia, Alison and Peter Klein visit galleries and art centers in order to complete their extensive Aboriginal Art collection with dot paintings, hollow log coffins, mimihs and other objects of Aboriginal Art.