ANKOMMEN (ARRIVAL) is the opening exhibition of curator Valeria Waibel, who started her position at KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Klein – in January 2013.


In the KUNSTWERK exhibition hall in Eberdingen-Nussdorf, two to three exhibitions per year offer various insights into the extensive art collection portfolio of Alison and Peter W. Klein. Under the title ANKOMMEN (Arrival), the current exhibition presents a new selection of works from the collection – a theme that each of us associates with a particular situation. This is because we ultimately always arrive somewhere to do something. Compared with having arrived, arrival itself is not a finished process but rather describes a moment in the suspense between the path of the route taken and the future path that is still open. Depending on how the path is taken, the arrival might come easily or be a challenge. Engagement with the place where we arrive involves the past or points towards the future. Not least, “Arrival” can refer to a spatial or inner, spiritual process.


LEVEL 0 and 1 | ANKOMMEN (Arrival) – the Path

Different aspects of Ankommen (Arrival) are presented to you on four stories in KUNSTWERK. On the ground floor and 1st level of KUNSTWERK, we give you the opportunity to arrive in the exhibition and in the topic for yourself. Photographs by Ülkü Süngün tell of coming to terms with one’s own origin and identity, which is always carried regardless of the point of departure. Works by Miwa Ogasawara, Karin Kneffel and Ute Lindner tackle window motifs in different ways, so even the viewer arrives, pauses and looks forward. Videos by Marco Schuler show that arrival itself can be a huge endeavour and challenge.

LEVEL 2 | ANKOMMEN (Arrival) – A Reflection on Time and Place

In the large room on the 2nd level, the theme of arrival unfolds into different spatial and temporal dimensions. In dealing with National Socialism and the period of the Third Reich, the works by Gottfried Helnwein, Katrin Ströbel and Eva Leitolf set historic and current areas of tension. A series of photographs by Juliane Eirich describes a very personal artistic approach to the culture of South Korea. The pictorial world of New Zealand writer and visual artist John Pule comes from a trip to his home country, his own past and the roots of his own identity. Likewise, the pieces by Marco Schuler originate from personal reflection.

LEVEL 3 | ANKOMMEN (Arrival) – From Here

On the 3rd level, pictorial spaces and landscapes spread out, which allow us to be carried off into inner worlds of imagination. Emotively connected by the figure of the naked person, the digitally edited photographs by Chinese artist Chi Peng take the viewer to real-unreal (city) landscapes. On a small scale yet in a monumental way, the drawings of Beate Terfloth trace the landscape of the island of Pantelleria to the South of Italy. The works of American artist Max Cole maintain a meditative character, with calm and at the same time rhythmically placed, strong horizontal shades of black, white and grey – both in the production and in the perception. Pictorial spaces with cloud writing, figures and landscape elements create own thought spaces in the pictures of Brigitte Waldach.