In “Hängung #2, Kunstwerk presented paintings of Alison and Peter Kleins’ many German artists’ works, such as Sigmar Polke, Susanne Kühn and Franziska Holstein, next to many newly collected works of Chinese and American artists. Jane Hammond’s fanciful art works had a special showing on the Exhibition Loft of Kunstwerk.


Contemporary artists have turned more and more to figural art, which was clearly demonstrated here through current pieces of figural portrayals. The manifold relations of modern man to his environment were a main theme of the exhibit. Not individuals, but abstract and shadowy figures emerge in indefinable spaces.

Some of the artists presented in “Hängung #2” were:
Ola Billgren, Martin Damann, Franziska Holstein, Les Levine, Max Neumann, Martin Schnur, Dag Seemann, Eva Wagner