Artists have always been inspired by paper: the delicate and yet at same time robust material offers with its many structures and surfaces inexhaustible possibilities for range of expression. Graphite or colored pencils, oil, Indian ink or typewriter, on handmade paper, cardboard and x-ray paper are just a few examples. “Works on paper are honest, because once a line has been made it is difficult to correct”.


“Hängung #6” presents sketches, watercolors, collages, paintings and woodcuts. There are, in addition, works in which paper is not the carrier of color, but the artwork itself. The young artist Simon Schubert has created superb portraits and interiors in white paper and has created, especially for Kunstwerk, a paper installation: a room built of sheets of paper you can walk into.

Some of the artists presented in “Hängung #6” are: Karl Bohrmann, Jane Hammond, Annemarie Hein, Katharina Hinsberg, Susanne Kühn, Gotthard Graubner, Thomas Müller, Max Neumann, Karin Sander, Brigitte Waldach.

A brochure was made especially for this exhibit and is available in Museum Kunstwerk.