This exhibition in Kunstwerk shows world class Australian photographic art next to works of star Aboriginal artists to present an overview of the Australian art scene today. Contemporary Aboriginal art is one of the focal points of Alison and Peter W. Klein’s art collection. The acrylic dot paintings of different regions seem very modern due to their abstract and reduced use of forms, but are based primarily on myths of “Dream Time”, stories of creation passed down orally through the generations.


Even though the works originate from a spiritual context, they are not seen as ethnological, but as contemporary art. Expressive photography art of Biennale participants Rosemary Laing and Bill Henson form a strong contrast to the Aboriginal works shown. They and other renowned artists of Australia, such as Tracey Moffatt, work solely with staged photography. Delicate crosshatching drawings on tree bark of Arnhemland in northern Australia, painted wooden steles and objects of different materials complete the wide spectrum of this exhibition.