Even years later, we remember the impression of a room even if we have forgotten details of its design or furnishing. Its expanse, its light, the sound of footsteps, maybe even the smell remain things that can be recalled in thought – not only as an image but rather as an emotional entity that is anchored in the physical memory. Similarly, the subjective, physical experience of a room enables us to imagine spaces and mentally to move within them, even though they are only imagined or in produced in model dimensions.


The fact that Hängung #18 – Räumlichkeiten (Spaces) takes as its content the perception of a room and makes connections to architecture in general is due to a small but crucial structural change at KUNSTWERK. In the exhibition, the artistic contributions of Rolf Wicker and Katja Ka – in different dimensions – reflect sculptural and architectural aspects. The works by Sinta Werner and Julius von Bismarck contain altered spatial perspectives. Architects Peter Weigand and Lukas Lendzinski, who work under the company name Umschichten (Restructuring), experiment with a modular system and present different plastic spatial constellations during the exhibition period.


Hängung #17 Revisited

The KUNSTWERK – Sammlung Klein celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2017. The dual exhibition in Eberdingen-Nussdorf with works by Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko represents a high point in the anniversary year. It accentuates a significant collection highlight of recent years and at the same time underlines the personal connection of the collector and artist couples.


Sunday, 28 January | 11.30 am and 3 pm

Admission 5 Euro, no registration required.


Alison and Peter W. Klein have exhibited their art collection in the museum designed by Folker Rockel since October 2007.


23rd December to 27th January | KUNSTWERK closed.

Sunday 28th January | Opening of HÄNGUNG #18: RÄUMLICHKEITEN (Spaces)

CafeK am KUNSTWERK is closed from Monday 18th December to Saturday 27th January.


SWR programme KUNSCHT! visited Sammlung Klein in Nussdorf, as well as the collections exhibition at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.


An 84 pp catalogue (German and English) is published for the exhibition with text by Florian Steininger and Valeria Waibel.

12 Euro

Available at KUNSTWERK or order via Email (plus additional shipping cost).