Guided Tours in June

Sunday, 04 June 11.30 am and 3 pm
Wednesday, 07 June | 3 pm  Last Guided Tour through #16!

Admission 5 Euro. Registration not required.
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  • Fotoarbeiten von Regine Petersen
  • Fotoarbeiten von Pepa Hristova

Opening Bank Holidays in May

KUNSTWERK - Sammlung Klein is open May 1st and May 25th (Ascension Day) from 11 - 17 h. CafeK is open from 13 bis 18 h.

beide | both – Sean Scully und Liliane Tomasko
25th June till 22nd December 2017

It started with an etching. Then came the first big painting. Today, no art collection in Europe has such a representative sample of works by Sean Scully from the start of the 1970s to the present day. However, it is not only the number of pieces and the intensity of discussion that have grown; collector couple Alison and Peter W. Klein have become friends with artist couple Sean Scully and Liliane Tomasko.

The mutual personal appreciation is expressed in the exhibition "beide | both", which will be presented at KUNSTWERK -Klein collection - from 25th June to 22nd December. It is one of two highlights as part of the ten-year anniversary of KUNSTWERK. In parallel with this, from 15th July to 5th November 2017, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart will display selected items from the collection under the title "About the Relations with People When Affection is Involved. Sammlung Klein".

open minded - Foundation Award for Photographic Art
22. Januar - 11. Juni 2017

In 2017 KUNSTWERK celebrates ten years of existence. To begin the anniversary year and in reference to the first exhibition in 2007, which presented photographs from the Klein collection, the Alison and Peter Klein foundation sets an accent of its own with the renewed award of the foundation prize for photographic art. In Hanging #16, works are presented from thirteen artists nominated and shortlisted for the prize by the specialist jury.

The presentation includes works by Johanna Diehl, Bernhard Fuchs, Göran Gnaudschun, Pepa Hristova, Inga Kerber, Ann-Kathrin Müller, Wataru Murakami, Regine Petersen, Adrian Sauer, Björn Siebert, Sebastian Stumpf, Ülkü Süngün and Tobias Zielony.

Tour of the exhibition

Verleihung Stiftungspreis Fotokunst 

Der mit insgesamt 10.000 € dotierte Stiftungspreis Fotokunst der Alison und Peter Klein Stiftung geht 2017 an drei Fotografen und eine Fotografin. Bei der Preisverleihung am 20. Januar durch Alison und Peter W. Klein (im Bild rechts) wurden Sebastian Stumpf (im Bild in Vertretung seines Galeristen Thomas Fischer), Bernhard Fuchs und Adrian Sauer dem geteilten Hauptpreis ausgezeichnet. Einen Förderpreis erhielt Ann-Kathrin Müller.