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For many people, the last year and a half under the pandemic has been associated with profound changes and existential turning points. For some, the constraints on public life began a phase of pausing and personal reflection. Some were compelled and others chose to use the time to reconsider what their life previously and perhaps even to redraft their own life plan. Now, we are filled with the hope of a return to “normal life” and can look through different eyes at the time in the limbo between “before” and the long-awaited “after”.


In the presentation of new acquisitions and classics from the Klein collection, the Zwischenzeit (Meantime) exhibition offers an associative, harmonious resonating space to deal with the crisis. How do we handle situations in which everything is suddenly uncertain and very little seems to be truly predictable? How do our perspectives change, when we leave our familiar routines and are placed back entirely on our own? Such questions form mental parentheses between the exhibits and on the first two floors at KUNSTWERK, which were set up back in spring 2021 – under lockdown conditions. With the prospect of reopening the museum in June, final additions were made to the exhibition. The mood of the summer, characterised by renewed optimism, is therefore reflected on level 3.

Level 1
Michelin Kober, Thomas Müller, Katrin Ströbel, Beate Terfloth / Bettina Krieg

Level 2
Daniele Buetti / Anne-Karin Furunes, Michelangelo Pistoletto / Arnulf Rainer / Andy Denzler
Peter Linde Busk, Kyomi Kaneko / Erdmut Bramke / Spandita Malik, Horst Antes

Level 3
David Schnell / Liz Bachhuber, Chun Kwang Young, Günther Uecker / Anna Krammig / Gotthard Graubner



Zwischenzeit (Meantime)

In Hängung #23 KUNSTWERK presents works from the Klein collection that have never been presented before or that have not been presented for a long time. On display are drawings, photographic works and paintings by artists including Michelin Kober and Thomas Müller as well as Erdmut Bramke, Daniele Buetti, Gunter Damisch, Andy Denzler, Spandita Malik and Michelangelo Pistoletto.


You will need proof of full vaccination, recovery or a current, negative coronavirus test in order to visit the museum and guided tours. Please wear an FFP2 or medical mask. As before, your contact details will be recorded; you can use the forms provided or the Luca app for this.



Wednesday, 3. November | 3 pm
Sunday, 7. November | 11.30 am and 3 pm
Wednesday, 24. November | 3 pm
Sunday, 28. November | 11.30 am and 3 pm

Fee: 5 € per Person
Registration is not required.

For group tours call 07042 3769566 or by mail at kunstwerk@sammlung-klein.de.


Alison and Peter W. Klein have exhibited their art collection in the museum designed by Folker Rockel since October 2007.